Power Evangelism

God didn’t give us a cowardly spirit but a spirit of power, love, and good judgment.

2 Timothy 1:7 GW

“These are the miraculous signs that will accompany believers: They will use the power and authority of my name to force demons out of people. They will speak new languages. They will pick up snakes, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them. They will place their hands on the sick and cure them.”

Mark 16:17‭-‬18 GW

The disciples spread ⌊the Good News⌋ everywhere. The Lord worked with them. He confirmed his word by the miraculous signs that accompanied it.

Mark 16:20 GW

I like to say that you can’t judge someone into the Kingdom.

For those outside the Body, we engage them with self-sacrificing love, as Jesus did.

He was a friend of sinners.

For those inside the Body, we hold each other accountable to God’s standards.

We do it gently and let the Spirit convict them of sin.

The best way to do that?

Have a small group Bible study.

There’s nothing better in my book than reading the Bible for refreshing one’s mind.

Whether one on one or with a handful of others, reading the Bible outloud together and discussing its application to our daily lives is the bedrock of discipleship.

We must continually be renewing our minds with Scripture.

The voice of this world wants to drown out the voice of God.

And when God speaks to us, it’s in that still, small voice.

You need to eliminate all distractions to hear it.

Silence, solitude, stillness.

Practice those spiritual disciplines to better tune your ear to hear what the Spirit is saying.

Why am I talking about discipleship in an article about evangelism?

Because they are inseparable.

The purpose of evangelism is to make disciples.

You can’t make a disciple if you’re not a disciple.

I like to infuse everything I do and say with the Gospel message.

Love, love, love.

That’s the message.

God is love.

God loves you.

He desires your love in return.

The turn or burn crowd is preaching to the wrong audience.

Their message of correction should be aimed at themselves.

If they spent more time in Scripture they would learn the truth.

Religion never saved anybody.

Jesus saves through relationship.

Spiritual transformation is what we’re after.

First, we get restored back into relationship with God by believing the Good News that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

Then, our lives and lifestyles progressively change as we spend more time with God.

As the saying goes, you are what you read and who you hang around with.

Basically, you are what you eat.

If you consume a steady diet of marketing messages, carnal minded entertainment, and gossip, you’re going to be worldly.

There’s a better life to be had.

And those of us who got the life need to be out in the world sharing it.

Holy huddles on Sundays are good for equipping the team before the game on Monday.

Are we talking truth and tactics?

Or are we just full of hot air?

Sermons should be training us for righteousness.

Just like all Scripture is.

Wow, I’ve really digressed.

My point is we need to go in the love and power of God into our respective communities and areas of influence.

Evangelism is a lifestyle of living for Jesus.

Sometimes you preach.

Sometimes you heal.

Sometimes you give what you have to those without.

You recognize that we’re all one family.

Those that are lost are hurting and broken and need a touch or a word from God to bring them back.

We are the love of God.

We have the power of God accompanying us as we go.

Just being there should change the atmosphere.

We go where angels fear to tread.

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Only the enemy.

And he has been defeated.

Walk victoriously.

Love fearlessly.

Be the change this world so desperately needs.

We have the message living inside of us.

It’s not meant to be hoarded.

It’s meant to be shared freely.

God has given us everything to enjoy.

Even this day.

Make it a little brighter and share the love of Christ with a friend who used to be a stranger.

Do the work of an evangelist.

They are the front line soldiers in God’s army.

You’re going to have to force out some demons.

You’re going to have to speak the words that the Spirit gives you to speak in the moment.

You’re going to be persecuted, slandered, and endure suffering.

But what is truly worth fighting for?

Stuff that you can’t take with you when your mortal body dies?

Or love which is eternal and never dies?

The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Love.

Those who do not love, do not know God.

We are perfected in love.

We are exactly like Him in this world, with regards to love.

Jesus was the prototype.

Conform yourself to His image and likeness.

He showed us how to live.

He showed us what is important.

Follow Jesus.

He’ll never lead you astray.

But He might make your path cross a stray soul that needs shepherding back into the sheepfold.

Be blessed, Church.

And be a blessing.

May the God of all grace be with you all.


Full Surrender

Jesus told them, “My food is to do what the one who sent me wants me to do and to finish the work he has given me.”

John 4:34 GW

“Indeed, the Son of Man has come to seek and to save people who are lost.”

Luke 19:10 GW

Brothers and sisters, in view of all we have just shared about God’s compassion, I encourage you to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, dedicated to God and pleasing to him. This kind of worship is appropriate for you.

Romans 12:1 GW

What can wash away my sins?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

I’m getting baptised.


Water baptism is a sign that one has confessed and repented of their sins.

You see, 20 years ago, I was a lost soul.

I did not know Jesus.

And I didn’t know how much God loves me.

Then one day, everything changed.

That’s a story for another time.

Now, after many years of being a miserable sinner, a backslidden Christian, I’ve come back to my senses.

Thank you, Jesus!

I want to tell you, what looks impossible in your life is nothing compared to what God can do.

There’s nothing worse than being a backslider in my book.

You know the truth, yet you aren’t living it.

The guilt, shame and self-condemnation are almost unbearable.

To know the love of God and turn your back on Him is a feeling worse than death.

Many addicts and alcoholics and other slaves to sin live in that house of horrors.

But there is always a way out.

God is patient.

He is merciful.

He understands our frail human nature.

As our loving Father, He just wants you to turn around and come back home to Him.

There is no sin so great that the blood of Jesus cannot erase.

He redeems my soul.

He heals my wounded heart.

He takes my sin and my shame and washes it completely away, into the sea of forgetfulness.

It’s as if it never happened.

What a relief.

It was never my burden to bear.

No amount of good works could ever make up for all the sinning I did.

And that’s okay.

My Redeemer lives.

He died on a cross to bear the penalty for my sins.

And He rose from the dead.

The penalty has been removed.

All I need to do is believe in Jesus and what He did.

He sets us free.

And who the Son sets free is free indeed.

Christians aren’t perfect people.

We just know the God who is.

We still have a carnal nature that wants to control us and make us slaves to the desires of the flesh.

But the Spirit is stronger than even death.

We’re on a spiritual journey to become more and more like Him.

Once you experience the freedom of being in Christ, it’s hard not to share the love, joy and peace that you’ve found.

People on the outside resist God because they think He wants to punish them and take all their fun away.

What they don’t realize is that God wants to set them free and let them enter into new life.

One question I wish someone had asked me when I was lost in my addictions is: “How’s your relationship with God?”

Judging a person and telling them they are doing wrong generally won’t make them behave any better.

Instead, it puts them on the defensive and they shut you out.

There is only one fair judge, and that’s God.

If you’re still breathing, there is still time to invite God to live in you.

He gives us the power to overcome any obstacle.

I remember when I was a daily drunk, wasting my days away, God spoke to me.

He asked me, “Do you love me?”

I replied, “Of course I love You.”

“Then why are you trying to destroy My temple?”

I was speechless and utterly defenseless.

I knew that our bodies are the temples of Holy Spirit.

I went to rehab shortly thereafter.

What I couldn’t do for myself, God did for me.

And He wants to do it for you, too.

He can take whatever you’re struggling with away.

Just give it to Him.

Get born again.

Won’t you pray with me?

  • Read the following outloud:

Father God,

Help me today.

I want to know You.

I want to feel Your Presence.

I believe and confess that Jesus Christ died for my sins so that I could inherit eternal life.

Holy Spirit of God, I invite you into my heart, into my mind, into my body.

I surrender.

I give you full permission to use me for Your Kingdom’s sake.

I was a sinner and now I want to be saved.

Adopt me into your eternal family as Your child.

Thank You Lord for saving me.

Thank You for taking away all my sin and sorrow.

Breathe life into me and by Your power help me to live a life that is pleasing to You.

In Your Son’s Name I pray.

In the name of Jesus.


The Word of Reconciliation

Christ died for us while we were still sinners. This demonstrates God’s love for us.

Romans 5:8 GW

As believers, our ministry is to become the word of reconciliation.

Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God.

The Holy Scriptures are the written word of God.

There are many things written in the Bible, but the core message is this: Christ restores us to friendly relations with God.

That’s the Good News, ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s face it, we have all sinned at one time or another.

Some of us were professionals at it.

Yet, Christ forgives us of our sins.

He sacrificed Himself for your redemption before you were born.

What’s the secret?

How does it work?

You have to accept it as a free gift.

You didn’t earn it.

You don’t deserve it.

He just gives His Love away.

That’s how much God loves you.

That’s the message of the Cross.

That’s the cross we need to bear everywhere we go.

As you go, tell everyone the Good News of Jesus Christ.

That’s evangelism, folks.

It’s not your job to convince them with intellectual arguments.

In fact, those who serve God should be gentle and not quarrel over words.

We simply need to speak the truth in love.

Lead with love.

If your motives are wrong, your fruit will be rotten.

We are called to live holy lives.

To be holy means to be separate and set apart for God.

Yet, we live in this sinful world.

How do we keep from becoming corrupted and stained with worldliness?

Keep the eternal perspective.

Evangelism is like going on a deep sea fishing expedition.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

You can wash up when you get home.

We call that baptism.

Now, get ready to go fishing.

You have bait, the Love of God.

Everyone wants unconditional, redemptive love.

Go out there and love on people.

Do it in practical ways, like meeting the needs of the poor and homeless.

Pray for people’s needs.

Heal the sick.

Do it in behavioral ways, like genuinely listening and engaging people in mutual dialogue.

Cast out their demons.

Always season your words with salt.

We are to be salt and light in this Earth.

Some won’t take the bait.

That’s okay, that’s their choice.

At least you’re planting seeds and watering with the Word.

Perhaps you’re plowing through dry and dusty ground.

Sometimes it takes a while to get through years of tough exteriors that protect the broken and fragile child inside.

Your efforts are not wasted even when you see no results.

The word of the Lord cannot return void.

He always hits His target.

The heart.

His timing is not necessarily what we would choose.

Be patient.

Be faithful.

Be diligent.

Dare I say it, be religious in sharing what you have, physically and spiritually, with those around you.

Jesus never married while He walked the Earth the first time.

Why is that?

Because His Bride is the Church.

He’s not going to marry an adulterous whore.

He’s coming back for a pure and spotless bride.

The Church needs to clean up her act.

She needs to purify her heart.

She needs to clothe herself in white, the works of righteousness.

It’s time for action.

God’s Spirit is being poured out on all flesh.

To the spiritual, it is life, revelation, refreshment and power.

To the unawakened and rebellious, it is death and judgment.

We are the intermediaries.

We have the living God living inside of us.

We bear the image and likeness of Christ in this fallen world.

If you put the message out there, and someone bites, you have the opportunity to save their very soul.

Be ready.

Be prayed up.

Be grounded in Scripture.

Go in the power of His Love and Grace and mercifully deliver this world into His hands.

If you know Jesus, you already have eternal life.

This is all bonus time.

Make the most of it.

I pray that the Lord God would bless you with opportunities and empower you with love and wisdom to get the message out there.

Be bold.

Be gentle.

Be loving.

Be true.

Our God is counting on you to finish strong.

Be sealed by His Holy Spirit and forever be redeemed of all sin and failure.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.