Blind To Sin

Some of the Pharisees said, “The man who did this is not from God because he doesn’t follow the traditions for the day of worship.”

Other Pharisees asked, “How can a man who is a sinner perform miracles like these?”

So the Pharisees were divided in their opinions.

John 9:16 GW

Have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.

Philippians 2:5 GW

You will know Christ’s love, which goes far beyond any knowledge. I am praying this so that you may be completely filled with God.

Ephesians 3:19 GW

A lot of people have a high opinion of their own opinions.

Faith in Jesus is not a matter of opinion.

It’s a gift from God to be a believer.

Immature and carnal minded people argue and sow division.

Mature Christians are humble, gentle, and peaceful.

Read the story of the man born blind that Jesus gave sight to on the Sabbath in John 9.

It’s okay, I’ll wait for you to come back.

What was the Pharisees’ problem?

They were slaves to tradition.

And they loved power and control instead of God and their fellow human beings.

Whenever religion or tradition causes you to split into opposing factions, you know you’ve missed it somewhere.

There is one faith.

Some people are slaves to human rules about the Sabbath.

We know from the teachings of Jesus that the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.

Pride is the first sin.

It separates us from humbly serving God and breaks our fellowship with His Spirit.

We must abide if we are to bear fruit.

Pride wants to exalt self.

It uses religion in an attempt to control others.

Religion will never triumph over relationship with God.

All religion can be codified as a set of rules.

You can know those rules.

You can use and abuse them for your own benefit.

Love breaks the rules.

The love of Jesus is unlawful.

He fulfilled the Law and transcended the Law to show us that the Law is powerless to save us.

Only a living and active faith in Jesus can save you.

It frees you from worrying about what rules you should be following.

Instead, we have liberty.

With the love of God as your guide, you’ll naturally do what God approves of.

And that’s loving God and loving people.

If you’re constantly examining and judging others’ actions, you’ll completely miss out on what life’s all about.

It’s about being kind, generous and doing lots of good things.

The people who don’t do anything good like to criticize others to make themselves feel better.

That will be their only reward.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Jesus came to rescue us.

He came for the sinners, not those that thought they had God’s approval.

Go in the love, mercy and grace of God and share the message of truth from a pure heart with a clear conscience and a sincere faith.

God is love.

Have the same attitude as Christ Jesus had.

Be completely filled with the Spirit and know the peace and love of God which goes beyond all understanding.

To God be the glory.


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