Hope United

The Spirit of the Almighty Lord is with me because the Lord has anointed me to deliver good news to humble people. He has sent me to heal those who are brokenhearted, to announce that captives will be set free and prisoners will be released.

Isaiah 61:1 GW

Our people should also learn how to set an example by doing good things when urgent needs arise so that they can live productive lives.

Titus 3:14 GW

Christ has given us this commandment: The person who loves God must also love other believers.

1 John 4:21 GW

The children of God are led by the Spirit of God.

The devil’s children are led by the spirit of this world, Satan.

Our job is to set them free.

We were all once slaves to sin and enemies of God.

If you believe, God wants to set you free.

If you want to lead a productive life, then you should learn to set an example by doing good things when urgent needs arise.

If you take a look around the streets of our nation, you will see urgent needs all around you.

The homeless epidemic is spreading rapidly and shows no signs of letting up.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class are enslaved to the system.

Who has the luxury of unhurried time?

Where are our priorities?

They are shown by how we spend our time.

This world is spinning out of control.

As expected.

People are killing themselves and others at an alarming rate.

What’s the deal?

Their lives are out of control and they have lost all hope.

What to do?

Give them what they need.

Faith, hope and love.

Our job is to spread the Gospel.

Tell the Good News that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He loves you.

He died on a cross and rose again.

He sent the Holy Spirit to empower you to live a godly life.

God wants to have a relationship with you.

A loving relationship.

He accepts you as you are, right where you’re at.

And He loves you so much that He doesn’t want to leave you stuck there.

We need to be sharing that Good News.

And we need to be making disciples.

We need to teach them the way.

Or more correctly, we need to show them the way.

The only way to do that is to live by faith.

The homeless are near and dear to my heart.

I’ve been in their shoes before.

How do we turn the tide?

We unite in prayer.

Prayer moves mountains.

Prayer changes things.

Prayer changes our hearts.

Pray for the homeless.

Pray for the rescue missions and transitional housing projects.

Pray for the workers in the field.

Pray for the churches that support and partner with the missions.

I have hope.

I believe we can fix the homeless crisis with God’s help.

We fix it one soul at a time.

I’ve personally witnessed people coming off the streets, committing their lives to the Lord and having their lives turn around overnight.

When you’re down and out, all you need is a loving friend who believes in God’s goodness and grace so much that they’ll extend mercy to others.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

When Judgment Day comes, how much mercy will you have shown on this planet?

Selfishness got us into this mess.

The only solution is loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Most of the homeless don’t have loving families that they can turn to for help.

The Church needs to be that family.

God welcomes anyone who calls on the name of the Lord.

So should we.

To show partiality is a sin.

God doesn’t play favorites.

We’re all held to the same standard.

How did you love?

As you pray for the less fortunate, God will stir your heart into action.

When you’re walking down the street and see someone having a bad day, would it hurt to ask them if you can pray for them?

God answers prayers.

You then have an opportunity to share your faith.

Not in a confrontational manner, but just giving a ready reply for the hope you have in all gentleness and humility.

We don’t have all the answers, but we know the Lord who does.

Would you like to know Him too?

Quit waiting for someone else to lead the charge.

We have our orders.


And change the world.

The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Be ready.

They’re waiting.

Don’t let them die with no hope.

Jesus is our living hope.

His covenant is everlasting.

We have the promise of eternal life.

It’s a free gift.

All you have to do is believe!

It’s harvest time.

To God be the glory, amen.

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