No Turning Back

So get rid of all immoral behavior and all the wicked things you do. Humbly accept the word that God has placed in you. This word can save you.

Do what God’s word says. Don’t merely listen to it, or you will fool yourselves.

James 1:21‭-‬22 GW

We don’t belong with those who turn back and are destroyed. Instead, we belong with those who have faith and are saved.

Hebrews 10:39 GW

The time has come for the judgment to begin, and it will begin with God’s family. If it starts with us, what will be the end for those who refuse to obey the Good News of God?

If it’s hard for the person who has God’s approval to be saved, what will happen to the godless sinner?

Those who suffer because that is God’s will for them must entrust themselves to a faithful creator and continue to do what is good.

1 Peter 4:17‭-‬19 GW

What would cause you to compromise your walk with God?


Or more correctly, not resisting temptation.

We are constantly tempted by our own fleshly desires that lead us into destruction.

When you give in to temptation, you sin.

You miss the mark.

God cannot be tempted and He doesn’t tempt people.

The devil tries to tempt people.

He attacks their weaknesses.

But God always provides a way of escape.

It is written.

As this wicked and perverted generation becomes more and more evil and twisted, God is raising the bar of what’s expected of His children.

Actually, it’s never changed but we’re just more cognizant of it now.

We’re called to be holy.


Set apart for His service.

We’re in the world, but not of the world.

Worldliness is a cancer in the Church.

And the Holy Spirit of God is burning it up with an unquenchable fire.

A little leaven spreads through the whole lump.

That leaven is hypocrisy.

It’s being puffed up with pride and not confessing and repenting when we should be humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God.

We must eradicate sin from our lives.

Sin opens the door for the devil to come into your mind and body.

If you’ve already cast all the demons out of your house, why invite them back in again?

Your body is supposed to be a temple for the Holy Spirit.

God’s Spirit abides in your spirit, in the Holy of Holies.

God’s Spirit is pure and true, incorruptible.

So it is with you when you get born again of the Spirit of God by faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah.

Your spirit becomes alive with His Spirit.

The word of Christ dwells within you.

Your soul is the inner court of the temple.

Your mind, will, and emotions are to be a holy place, the inner court of the temple.

Your inner life should always be centered on God.

Love God with all that you are, all the time.

Don’t compromise for the things of this world, they won’t last.

God’s Word is eternal, unchanging, uncompromising and faithful.

Your body is the outer court.

It’s where the things of this world become sanctified by God’s Word and prayer.

To those who are clean, all things are clean.

To those who are unclean, all things are unclean.

Your daily bread, provided by His Providence, is an offering and a sacrifice.

It keeps the lights on in your temple.

God knows what you need.

And He has already provided.

Cultivate that attitude of gratitude.

Be thankful for all things.

Even suffering.

For it produces the character that is needed to boldly carry His message to the ends of the Earth.

To know God and then turn your back on Him is inviting ruin and devastation.

To know God and to willfully sin against Him is inviting correction and discipline to come swiftly.

To know God and to abide in His Presence is to know peace, love, goodness and mercy.

To know God and His Christ is eternal life.

Apart from God you can do nothing.

With God, all things are possible.

Walk in a manner worthy of your calling in Him.


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