Give It Up

God was pleased to have all of himself live in Christ. God was also pleased to bring everything on earth and in heaven back to himself through Christ. He did this by making peace through Christ’s blood sacrificed on the cross. Once you were separated from God. The evil things you did showed your hostile attitude. But now Christ has brought you back to God by dying in his physical body. He did this so that you could come into God’s presence without sin, fault, or blame. This is on the condition that you continue in faith without being moved from the solid foundation of the hope that the Good News contains. You’ve heard this Good News of which I, Paul, became a servant. It has been spread throughout all creation under heaven.

Colossians 1:19‭-‬23 GW

People die once, and after that they are judged. Likewise, Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of humanity, and after that he will appear a second time. This time he will not deal with sin, but he will save those who eagerly wait for him.

Hebrews 9:27‭-‬28 GW

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now the salvation, power, kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah have come. The one accusing our brothers and sisters, the one accusing them day and night in the presence of our God, has been thrown out. They won the victory over him because of the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. They didn’t love their life so much that they refused to give it up.”

Revelation 12:10‭-‬11 GW

What do you do when you’re faced with a challenge that you don’t know immediately how to overcome?

You know what I do?

I pray.

The older I get, the more I realize how little control I have over just about anything in life except for my attitude and my effort.

And sometimes I have a bad attitude.

I look at my circumstances instead of looking to the Lord for my comfort and sense of worth.

There’s a saying, “Let go, and let God.”

It means quit trying to force things to be the way you think they should be.

Trust God.

I think we all struggle with trusting God from time to time.

Especially during times of trial and tribulation.

Or when we suffer unjustly.

That’s when it’s time to utter that familiar prayer, “Lord, help me with my unbelief.”

I love it.

It at once confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord while also confessing the need for help in having even greater faith.

Faith is a gift from God.

You don’t earn it.

You can’t buy it.

He gives it to you.

Do you have faith?

Then thank and praise the Lord for his kindness.

He chose you.

To believe in Him.

Free will is a tricky thing.

We kind of have free will, but the Lord can override it.

Like when He hardened Pharaoh’s heart.

God is in control.

Our sense of control is really just an illusion to keep us firmly planted in this reality.

People die everyday in random and unpredictable ways.

Why are you not dead yet?

I know I’ve cheated death way too many times already.

Because He’s not done with you yet.

There’s still more work to do.

God uses people.

Not in a bad way.

But to accomplish His will.

His will is perfect.

It’s time for us to give up.

Quit striving for worthless things.

Don’t love your life unto death.

Be willing to give your life for something that matters.

And then live that purpose.

My purpose?

Love people.

Make disciples.

Although, right now, I’m taking a step back from active ministry.

I tend to overdo things.

I’m an all or nothing kind of guy.

I tend to overcommit and burn myself out.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

So I’m taking some time to work on myself, establish some good, healthy living habits, and build on a firm foundation.

I’m in this for the long haul.

I’ve surrendered.

And I need to stay surrendered.

Not my will, but Thine be done.

It’s a daily thing.


Several times a day.

I seek the Lord.

I stop my impulsiveness and ask Him, “What do You want me to do?”

And then I do it.

That’s how we’re supposed to live.

Like little children.

Who obey their Father.

He loves us.

He knows best.

He wants the best for us.

Trust Him.

It’s all going to work out.

We just need to wait.

And while we wait, we pray to, praise and worship our God.

That’s what makes the waiting bearable.

We’re human beings.

Not human doings.

We’re not defined by what we did, do, or will do.

We’re defined by our beliefs.

What do you believe?

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