Walking With Christ

After all, God’s saving grace has appeared for the benefit of all people.

It trains us to avoid ungodly lives filled with worldly desires so that we can live self-controlled, moral, and godly lives in this present world.

At the same time we can expect what we hope for—the appearance of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He gave himself for us to set us free from every sin and to cleanse us so that we can be his special people who are enthusiastic about doing good things.

Titus 2:11‭-‬14 GW

So all people who have this confidence in Christ keep themselves pure, as Christ is pure.

1 John 3:3 GW

Since we have these promises, dear friends, we need to cleanse ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit and live a holy life in the fear of God.

2 Corinthians 7:1 GW

Do we walk by flesh or do we walk by faith?

What do I mean?

Do we let our flesh, our carnal, worldly desires, direct our steps?

Or do we submit to the Lordship of Christ?

Are we yoked with Him to the plow?

By ourselves we can do nothing.

But with Him, nothing is impossible.

Can I tell you something?

You can’t manipulate God.

You can reason with Him.

But you can’t deceive Him.

Really, He’s looking for us to be honest.

With Him, with ourselves, and with each other.

That’s why we confess our sins.

If we try to hide them, conceal them or excuse them as okay and reasonable, they fester like an open wound.

They infect us and continually make us sicker until it’s brought into the light.

You can’t heal a wound by saying it’s not there.

God can heal us.

You can show Him your wounds.

And He will bind them up.

Our bodies are like a glove.

The spiritual world fills the glove and moves it to act.

Be completely filled with God and you will be eager to do good.

Be filled with yourself and you’ll do selfish things.

Be filled with evil spirits and you’ll do acts of unimaginable wickedness.

I think you can see this being played out in our world.

You can’t see the Spirit.

But you can see the effects of the Spirit moving.

He is like the wind.

We can’t see it, but we know it’s real and it’s active.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that we’re getting drenched by an outpouring of God’s Spirit.

After surviving an unholy onslaught from the enemy, the Lord has placed me on solid ground and is covering me completely.

I see little darts from the enemy all around, but they can’t seem to get through the armor of God that He’s given me.

This is no time to be foolhardy or overconfident.

There’s only one reason God is protecting me.

For His good pleasure.

So that I can effectively serve.

Thank You, Jesus!

Purify yourselves.

In Jesus’ Name I pray.


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