Salted With Fire

Everyone will be salted with fire.

Mark 9:49 GW

So, as God’s own chosen people, who are holy [set apart, sanctified for His purpose] and well-beloved [by God Himself], put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience [which has the power to endure whatever injustice or unpleasantness comes, with good temper]; bearing graciously with one another, and willingly forgiving each other if one has a cause for complaint against another; just as the Lord has forgiven you, so should you forgive.

Colossians 3:12‭-‬13 AMP

So I, the prisoner for the Lord, appeal to you to live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called [that is, to live a life that exhibits godly character, moral courage, personal integrity, and mature behavior–a life that expresses gratitude to God for your salvation], with all humility [forsaking self-righteousness], and gentleness [maintaining self-control], with patience, bearing with one another in [unselfish] love.

Make every effort to keep the oneness of the Spirit in the bond of peace [each individual working together to make the whole successful].

There is one body [of believers] and one Spirit–just as you were called to one hope when called [to salvation]– one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all who is [sovereign] over all and [working] through all and [living] in all.

Ephesians 4:1‭-‬6 AMP

Wisdom is gained by experience.

Jesus came to baptize us in the Holy Spirit and fire.

To be baptised is to be completely immersed.

We will be completely consumed by the Holy Spirit and the trials and tribulations of life.

And yet, we will not cease to exist.

There’s an exchange that takes place when we come to faith.

We trade our lives for the One who traded His life for ours.

Heck, we’re supposed to rejoice when various trials and tribulations come.

For we know that they are testing our faith.

To see how pure it is.

What is your faith in?

In money?

In your abilities?

In someone else?

Or something else?

Saving faith is faith in Christ Jesus.

There’s a massive shift taking place in the Body of Christ now.

It’s like an undercurrent.

It’s not immediately visible on the surface.

Church programs and schedules continue as they have traditionally for decades.

But that’s not church.

Church is the Body coming together to minister to itself.

Edification is great.

Teaching is necessary.

We need to be equipped to rightly divide the Word of God.

But teaching isn’t sufficient to bind every broken heart and meet every need.

Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I Am in the midst of them.

Christians are called to live a holy life of loving service.

The opposite of that would be godless fools dying slowly in a self-centered quest for pleasure and self-gratification.

I’ve spent time in both worlds.

Experience has taught me that the wisdom contained in the Bible is true.

Some people have book smarts.

Some people have common sense.

Some people have street smarts.

I think we need a healthy balance of all three to be effective ministers of the Gospel.

Jesus said that He would build His church.

Unless God builds it, the laborers labor in vain.

The time is coming and is now here when the Holy Spirit will lead the Church.

Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church.

A body without a head cannot survive.

Who is the Head of your church?

If everyone isn’t submitted to Christ as Leader, there will be chaos and disorder.

It takes humility.

It takes dying to yourself.

It takes patience and long-suffering.

The greatest among you will be a servant to all.

The fire is coming and is now here.

The fire isn’t going to go out.

So quit praying for God to change your circumstances that you don’t like.

Pray that God changes your heart so that you can walk through the fire without even smelling like smoke.

After all, our God is a consuming fire.

May your passion for His Name be ever increasing.

May His Spirit dwell in you richly.

May His Kingdom come and His will be done, on earth as it is done in heaven.


2 thoughts on “Salted With Fire

  1. Not every sercumstance is from God. But in every sercumstance there is a opportunity to lean on the rock, the capstone that supports us from the top, the head, the spirit of God.
    That rock can and has sustained me through death, divorce, broken heart, and sickness.
    But we must ( like the capstone ) let our pressures of life press on him and we will have support. Listen to the calling, direction of rhe Holy Spirit and it will direct you. At our church we are practicing being sensitive to the calling. Results people being ministered to at any time. In the grocery store, in a doctor’s office, and yes with each other at church. It’s been amazing. Gods talking through his Holy Spirit, are you ( anyone reading this listening?

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