Lead Me

It is better to depend on the Lord than to trust mortals.

It is better to depend on the Lord than to trust influential people.

Psalms 118:8‭-‬9 GW

Indeed, our lives are guided by faith, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 GW

God also decided ahead of time to choose us through Christ according to his plan, which makes everything work the way he intends.

Ephesians 1:11 GW

Someone I used to know had a saying that kept him humble: “God’s world. God’s rules.”

This modern world we live in deceives us into thinking it’s all about us and what we want.

Have it your way.

I did it my way.

It’s all about rebellion and a lack of submission to the Spirit of God.

That’s the wide road to hell.

We can see the fruits of this kind of living all around us.

People shooting and killing strangers just to get their frustrations out.

What would happen if we all behaved that way?

Society would crumble into anarchy in no time.

God is a God of order and peace.

He has a plan and a purpose for your life.

You know that saying, everything happens for a reason?

Sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.

I know that was certainly true in my life.

Many of the Proverbs compare and contrast the ways of the righteous with the ways of stubborn fools.

A fool is wise in his own eyes.

The wise know that they know nothing apart from what the Lord has revealed to them.

I like to say that I’m a fool for Christ.

I’ve lived long enough and made enough mistakes to realize that I have no idea what I’m doing.

And to make matters worse, it seems most people are in the same predicament.

Thank God there’s a way out.

It’s called prayer and obedience.

Sure, the Scriptures will tell you how to live your life in general.

But, what are we supposed to do daily?

Who gives us our turn by turn directions?

Who sets the course for our lives?

That’s where we find the necessity of having a relationship with God.

Don’t know?

Ask God.

You’d be surprised.

He actually has a specific plan and purpose for you today.

Part of the problem of living in a consumer products driven society is that we’re bombarded constantly with lies that are used to manipulate us into buying more products.

Nothing external will ever fix what’s wrong with your life.

There’s only one Great Physician and His Name is Jesus.

Or as we say in recovery circles, there’s no chemical solution to a spiritual problem.

We’re meant to be dependent on God.

That’s why I say some of the best Christians are former addicts.

We understand making your life revolve around one thing.

We just got it wrong the first time.

Thankfully, God is merciful.

He loves us.

It is His desire to see us doing well and living victoriously.

No one else can have a relationship with God for you.

You can’t outsource your spiritual life.

It is the most important thing in life and needs to be given proper attention.

Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself the most important question.

Why am I alive today?

The answer is because of God’s grace so that you can glorify God.

Take the time to read Ecclesiastes.

You’ll learn that life is completely pointless apart from God.

Again, if you look at society you’ll see that is quite evident.

Fear God and obey His commandments, that is the sum duty of man.

There’s really nothing new in what I say.

It’s all in the Bible.

I just got to blog it out as a matter of survival.

It keeps my mind clear.

So that I can better hear.

What the Spirit is saying to the Church.

Father God, we humble ourselves today.

We acknowledge you as the Holy and only God.

We were created to worship You.

Thank You for your undying mercy and grace.

Lead us, O Lord into all truth and righteousness.

Be magnified, be glorified, be lifted most high.

We honor and praise Your Name.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Keep us forever in your loving kindness.

Direct our steps from beginning to end.

In Jesus’ Name.


The Greatest Love

Love each other as I have loved you. This is what I’m commanding you to do.

The greatest love you can show is to give your life for your friends.

You are my friends if you obey my commandments.

John 15:12‭-‬14 GW

Do any of you have wisdom and insight? Show this by living the right way with the humility that comes from wisdom.

James 3:13 GW

Peter answered them, “All of you must turn to God and change the way you think and act, and each of you must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins will be forgiven. Then you will receive the Holy Spirit as a gift. This promise belongs to you and to your children and to everyone who is far away. It belongs to everyone who worships the Lord our God.”

Acts 2:38‭-‬39 GW

The trouble with being ignorant is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

There’s a big difference between knowing about God and knowing God.

Similarly, there’s a vast ocean between knowing about Scripture and knowing Scripture.

One is knowledge, one is intimate fellowship.

It’s the difference between being a Pharisee or an expert in Moses’ Teachings and being a disciple of Jesus.

My burden for the lost overwhelms me because I was once a lost soul, too.

Why didn’t anyone share the Good News with me?

I was searching for truth.

I was in desperate need of peace.

I was dying for lack of love.

I even knew some Christians from time to time.

They were always smiling and friendly.

Yet, they never invited me to one of their meetings.

Was I too wild?

Was I beyond saving?

Had this sick and perverted generation corrupted me beyond all hope?


I had to become a suicidal, homeless drug addict and alcoholic before my pride was broken.

The human ego is a cancer to the soul.

It wants to be right.

It wants what it wants.

It is not submitted to God.

It’s part of our carnal, human nature that needs to be crucified.

How do we get saved?

Do we clean up our acts first?

Do we have to become acceptable before we’re accepted?


God loves us.

Christ died for us while we were yet sinners.

God loved us first.

Then, we wake up and realize it and love Him back in return.

Then, we get the Holy Spirit.

It gives us the power to overcome our flesh nature.

I’ve been in my share of recovery circles.

There is no real recovery without Jesus.

God and God alone has the power to deliver us from our demons.

I wonder if anyone in recovery knows that we’re actually in the practice of casting out demons and making disciples?

That probably wouldn’t go over so well at the local Anonymous meeting.

Oh well, I can pray silently to my Father in Heaven for my fellow man.

No one comes to the Father unless the Holy Spirit draws them through Jesus.

Christ is our King and our example.

He laid His life down to rescue us.

He knew who He was, and He became a humble servant.

When He healed people and performed miracles He told people not to say anything about it.

He didn’t want to draw attention to Himself.

He just wanted to get the job done and glorify God in Heaven.

Lose your life.

You were purchased for a price.

The blood of Jesus.

Our lives were never our own.

We’re either a slave to sin or a slave to God.

You either love God or you love the world.

You either serve God or you serve wealth.

Who controls this fallen world?

Isn’t it the rich elite?

Pray for them that they would repent and come to serve the Lord.

There are millions and millions of people just like I was wandering the streets.

We can save them before it’s too late.

Share the hope that Christ brings.

Share the love of Jesus.

One life changed can change the world.

Look at Billy Graham.

One man preaching at a revival service brought the late Reverend to faith.

He went on to preach the Gospel to millions.

You never know who you’re going to meet.

Or what they will become.

Do the loving thing.

Share Jesus with them with all your heart.

Plant seeds.

God will make them grow.

You have nothing to lose and the world has everything to gain.

Be a friend of God.

In Jesus’ Name I pray.


Complete Understanding

We spread the message about Christ as we instruct and teach everyone with all the wisdom there is. We want to present everyone as mature Christian people.

Colossians 1:28 GW

Until I get there, concentrate on reading ⌊Scripture⌋ in worship, giving encouraging messages, and teaching people.

1 Timothy 4:13 GW

Don’t you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him because God’s temple is holy. You are that holy temple!

1 Corinthians 3:16‭-‬17 GW

The word of the Lord is sharper than any two edged sword.

It cuts to the bone.

It cuts to the heart of the matter.

That’s why it’s important to study and know Scripture.

When I’m doing well, I’m in the word daily.

It keeps me sane in this insane world.

Apart from fellowship with mature Christians, where can one find the voice of reason?

The truth is hidden in Christ.

That’s why we must continually remind ourselves and others about the Gospel.

Always think about Jesus and what He has done for you.

Meditate on it.

He saved you.

He set you free.

The Holy Spirit now lives inside of you.

Your old way of life is gone.

Behold, all things are new.

Christ gives us new life.

A vibrant, abundant, joyful life.

When the minutiae of this world starts getting you down, adjust your sights.

Don’t look at everything that’s wrong with this world.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, and know that everything will be alright.

We will suffer.

We will be persecuted.

People will take advantage of your kindness.

That’s okay.

It’s not your fault if they don’t honor God.

Everyone will answer for their own sins.

Do your part.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

As a Christian, you are a representative of God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

People are watching you.

They want you to fail.

They are looking for an excuse to say it’s not even worth trying to serve God.

Don’t give in.

Don’t play their game.

Be humble.

When you are wrong, admit it.

Model correct behavior.

If you don’t know what that is, read the New Testament continually.

Eventually, it will stick.

Better yet, read it with a friend and hold each other accountable to live in Christ.

We can’t wait for someone else to do the right thing.

We must obey God and His commandments.

He commands us to love.

Love God.

Love people.

Any questions?

Get a complete understanding of Christ.

And share it with everyone you know.

Lord God, I pray for myself and anyone reading this post.

Illuminate our minds and our hearts with all wisdom and knowledge.

We want to know You, Lord.

To know You is to live.

Help us to understand the mystery of Christ fully.

Help us to be able to explain it clearly.

Give us boldness in our faith to share it in a gentle, respectful, and reverent way.

Help us to be Your Love.

We give our lives to You this day.

In Jesus’ Name we pray.