The Show’s Over

Lips that lie are disgusting to the Lord, but honest people are his delight.

A sensible person ⌊discreetly⌋ hides knowledge, but foolish minds preach stupidity.

Proverbs 12:22‭-‬23 GW

We intend to do what is right, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of people.

2 Corinthians 8:21 GW

Finally, brothers and sisters, keep your thoughts on whatever is right or deserves praise: things that are true, honorable, fair, pure, acceptable, or commendable.

Philippians 4:8 GW

Why does God require us to repent and confess our sins to each other?

Because you’ll never make any progress living a lie.

God knows we’re sinners.

It doesn’t take Him by surprise when we admit the error of our ways to Him.

But it is uncomfortable to the flesh and fatal to our pride to humble ourselves before the Lord.

Crucifying the flesh nature is painful and necessary.

Christ Jesus did it once and for all.

Now, it’s our turn to pick up our crosses daily.

Humans were created to be containers of God’s glory.

We’ve become anything but.

And we take pride in that.

How far we have fallen.

The remedy?

Let God live through you and be the example of righteousness that is absent in society.

Do what is right.

Your integrity and character are revealed when you think no one is watching.

God is always watching.

He knows what you do in secret.

He knows the motives of your heart.

A person of understanding can draw out that motive.

Our world cares about reputation and outward appearances.

Things that can be managed and faked.

Entire industries revolve around spinning lies for fun and profit.

The corporate business model churches care about cash flow and repeat customers.

They care about wealth not health.

Big churches aren’t necessarily healthy churches.

Too often they become a product or a show.

There is little depth of relationship and discipleship.

We’ve been seeking the wrong things and going about it the wrong way.

Jesus modeled the way for us.

Pick a handful of trustworthy souls.

Invest in them.

And then send them out to do the same.

Churches are supposed to be faith families.

We’ve got a lot of dysfunctional families that need help getting healthy.

Overcoming denial is the first step in recovery.

You can’t heal a wound by saying it’s not there.

There is a massive shift taking place in the heavens.

Truth is more precious than gold.

We hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Only the Spirit of the living God will satisfy our soul thirst.

Audiences watching performances is not church.

That’s babysitting.

It’s time to grow up.

It’s time to mature.

It’s time to be sons and daughters.

If you can’t see the resemblance of the Father in them, they must be someone else’s children.

You will know them by their fruit.

The just shall live by faith.

Lord, bring Your Kingdom.


Realignment To Assignment

“Blessed are those whose thoughts are pure. They will see God.

Matthew 5:8 GW

“Always do for other people everything you want them to do for you. That is ⌊the meaning of⌋ Moses’ Teachings and the Prophets.

Matthew 7:12 GW

Come close to God, and he will come close to you. Clean up your lives, you sinners, and clear your minds, you doubters.

James 4:8 GW

There is so much wrong with the world, where do we start to fix it?

We start by assuming our own responsibility.

We start with ourselves.

We start by tossing our pride into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

It’s time to begin again.

This is a new day.

God’s mercy is new every morning.

Let go of yesterday.

Wipe it from your thoughts like a dream disappears upon waking.

This is the day the Lord has made.

I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Living in the past and future tripping are unproductive wastes of time.

If you want peace, live in the present moment.

I learned a little trick that helps people who get rattled by crisis, fear or anxiety.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Where am I?
  2. What am I doing?
  3. What do I need to do next?

That will quickly bring you back to the present and focus you on one thing: what’s next?

Let’s look at those questions a bit shall we?

Where am I?

You’re right where God wants you to be.

God is sovereign.

We may not like where we are, but God has a plan and a purpose for you being there.

Maybe it’s just to suffer for the sake of the Good News.

We live in a very selfish world.

We need to abandon our selfish outlook on life if we’re to ever understand why we’re here and what we’re supposed to be doing.

The life lived for self is void of meaning and purpose.

It is a life completely wasted.

You must lose your life for Christ to inherit eternal life.

When He invites you to follow Him, don’t turn back and follow your own flesh.

Trust me on this one, it’s not worth it.

We’re burning daylight, folks.

We have only so many breaths to breathe and then we fade into history.

What am I doing?

I’m either glorifying God or I’m in rebellion.

Do everything for God in love.

Whatever it is that you’re doing.

Let Jesus Christ always be foremost in your mind.

If something is more important than Jesus, you’ve got a problem to correct.

Correct yourself.

Or life’s circumstances will.

Whatever you do, do it unto the Lord.

What do I need to do next?

Your answers will vary.

In general, seek the Lord’s will.

There is an abundance of worthless activity in this world.

It wastes time, resources, and doesn’t further the Kingdom of God.

Either you are working for Jesus or you’re working against Him.

You can only work for Him when you are submitted to Him in obedience.

This life is not about us.

It’s about Jesus.

It’s about God’s plan.

We all have a part to play in that plan, but we’ll never realize it until we stop our foolishness and return to the Lord.

Lord God,

Above all else let us be a people who faithfully seek You first above all other things.

Guide us Lord into all truth.

Forgive us for going astray and help us compassionately seek out the lost in an effort to save.

We give you this day.

In Jesus’ Name we pray.


First Things First

Teach me your way, O Lord, so that I may live in your truth. Focus my heart on fearing you.

Psalms 86:11 GW

No one can please God without faith. Whoever goes to God must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

Hebrews 11:6 GW

“But first, be concerned about his kingdom and what has his approval. Then all these things will be provided for you.

“So don’t ever worry about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Matthew 6:33‭-‬34 GW

In this world, you will have trouble.

But cheer up!

Jesus has overcome the world.

Our walk is one of endurance.

Those who endure to the end will be saved.

Salvation is realized upon death.

Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Close the door on sin.

Disobedience is sin.

To know the right thing to do, and not do it, is sin.

To not reveal God’s glory, His image and likeness, His character, is sin.

All fall short.

To say you have no sin is to be a liar.

You’re supposed to confess your sins one to another and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

Jesus is our salvation.

Our works are the evidence of our love for God.

The purpose of life is to develop and display Christ-like character.

Character and integrity born from faith in God is the target we’re aiming for.

We’re all going to miss the target on a daily basis.

But that’s no excuse to give up.

Keep going, or die trying.

That’s why we need each other.

To remind and encourage one another in the truth.

The Holy Spirit is our teacher.

You can validate it with Holy Scripture.

We’re on a faith journey.

We grow from glory to glory.

Glory means the true expression of something.

We reveal Christ.

And we go on to better reveal Christ.

We are visible expressions of the invisible God.

Jesus did it perfectly.

And He’s helping us grow in Him.

To fear the Lord is to be in awe of God.

We’re not afraid that we’ll be punished.

We’re just blown away with how awesome and powerful His love is.

Meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus.

God came to Earth in the form of a human to show and teach us how to live properly.

We all know how that turned out.

Nailed to a cross.

He knew that was going to happen ahead of time.

And yet He did it anyway.

He rescues undeserving sinners like you and me.

He pours out His love through us.

It’s all about love, folks.

Love God.

Love people.

It’s really simple.

Vengeance belongs to the Lord.

He will repay those who persecute, oppress and exploit others.

God does not play favorites.

And neither should we.

We’re all accountable to the same standard.

God’s standard.

It’s time to return to the Lord and lead holy and pleasing lives to Him.

Father God,

You alone are holy and worthy to be praised.

Thank You for sending Jesus to be the satisfaction for our sin.

We rejoice in the freedom you have purchased for us by Your blood.

Give us ears to hear and eyes to see what You are saying to Your people.

Let us be people of faith who love like You love.

In Jesus’ Name we pray.