Power Cycle Cell Groups

And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they kept right on teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.

Acts 5:42 NASB


Background: I recently went on a retreat to the coast with pastors and other leaders from approximately 12 different churches in the North Clackamas region. We took time to pray and discuss our ministry dreams and visions, for lack of a better term. The following idea that came to me this morning incorporates a few of the ideas presented. I don’t take credit for this, all glory goes to God.

I invite and welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

This is the beginning of a groundbreaking plan to take our territories back in the Name of Jesus.

The goal is to develop and implement the plan, document the procedures, assemble or develop curriculum, and create a reproducible model that can be shared with churches locally and internationally.

We’re better together.

Goal: Take back our neighborhoods for Christ

Strategy: Recruit, train and equip evangelistic disciplemakers

Frequency: Weekly meetings

Program duration: 9 months

Time/Date/Location: TBD by group members

Size: 2 to 12 people maximum per group

Distinguishing Features:

Geographic location (neighborhood) based Christian faith ministry cohort

Cross-, Non- and Inter-denominational, not restricted to a particular local church affiliation

Focused on teaching, equipping and practicing/engaging in:

  • Prayer
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship

Home churches will continue to focus on:

  • Worship
  • Bible teaching
  • Fellowship
  • Serving
  • What else do local churches do?

Desired Results:

  • At the end of the 9 month cycle, individuals could lead the next iteration of groups
  • Greater confidence, maturity and unity in Christ
  • Greater engagement of church members in active ministry
  • Safer neighborhoods
  • Greater impact on our communities for Christ
  • Empowered people
  • Encouraged leaders

Next Steps:

Discussion and planning.

What’s missing? What are common objections? Who would be good resources for developing the program?

Please comment below!

Update 1

Next step is information gathering and research. Interview others to see what’s working and what’s not.

Curriculum will consist of an outline of Scripture references that people will look up and read together. There may be some brief text explanations as well as some suggested prayer and activity points. The idea being let the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit speak to the individuals and let them reach consensus together on meaning and application.

Romans 12

5 thoughts on “Power Cycle Cell Groups”

  1. And to clarify, I’m all for house churches and participate in one, but this idea is aimed primarily to revitalize and strengthen existing local churches and of course birth new house churches. I see this more as a temporary measure to jumpstart the Church, which will then organically assume all these activities once again. Not sure if that clarifies anything. 🤔

  2. House churches are an important component of what is coming. Thank you Dennis! Another leader I know had a revelation on this as well.

    1. Thanks, Meredyth! It’s becoming clear that as we seek the Lord, He will give us His plans, strategy and agenda. Not that it’s ever changed, but sometimes we need to wake up and get with His program.

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