The Infilling

“Use the truth to make them holy. Your words are truth.”

John 17:17 GW

“How can I describe the people who are living now? They are like children who sit in the marketplaces and shout to other children, ‘We played music for you, but you didn’t dance. We sang a funeral song, but you didn’t show any sadness.’”

Matthew 11:16‭-‬17 GW

Pilate asked him, “So you are a king?”

Jesus replied, “You’re correct in saying that I’m a king. I have been born and have come into the world for this reason: to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to me.”

John 18:37 GW

Like a master gardener, the Father is planting His people strategically throughout the known world.

There is a new breed.

I guess you could call it an invasive species.

It takes over wherever it’s planted and quickly outgrows the more staid, natural vegetation.

It’s like a vine that’s continuously sending forth shoots into new territory.

There’s nothing you can do to stop it, so you might as well learn to appreciate its beauty and bountiful fruit.

What is this species?

It looks human but it’s something more than human.

It’s a new creation.

The on fire believers born from above.

They’ve been here all along, but now they are coming to the surface.

Like a pot ready to boil over, you can sense the danger.

The Kingdom of God is advancing.

And they are exposing and destroying the works of darkness everywhere they go.

Winning souls is their passion.

That’s where it all begins.

If we’re not winning souls, everything else that we’re doing is a waste of time.

It’s just a funeral jig for a deluded and deceived coffin of corpses.

What am I saying?

The purpose of the Church is to win the lost at any cost.

That’s what Jesus did when He laid down His life for all humanity to be acceptable to the Father.

Witness the Gospel being preached with passion and purpose.

We’re not here to make ourselves look good.

We’re here to glorify our Father in Heaven.

God is setting the world on fire.

Empty and tired traditions have been propped up for decades and are dying a slow and miserable death.

Don’t worry about that.

Throw some wood on the fire and sacrifice your sacred cows of Spirit-less theology.

The wonder of it all is why did we subscribe to any of it in the first place?

Did we not know any better?

Did we compromise our values for noses and nickles?

Ministry is not a way to make a living.

It’s a calling.

God will provide where He guides.

Corruption is being exposed at all levels of the Church.

The true light is shining and the darkness will never overcome the light.

Fire from heaven is breaking out all across the globe.

Fires are starting everywhere.

And they’re spreading rapidly.

It’s time for the infilling.

Be immersed in the Spirit.

Be baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire!

Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

And nothing can stand between us if we love our brothers and sisters in Christ as we are called to do.

The fire will burn through all our denominational differences.

They might survive.

They might not.

Those who adapt the quickest will thrive.

Those who strive to hold onto power and control will be left behind.

A generation unleashed.

Flooding the streets.

Preparing the way.

For the soon return of our King.

King Jesus,

Have Your way with us.


At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from wise and intelligent people and revealing them to little children. Yes, Father, this is what pleased you.”

Matthew 11:25‭-‬26 GW

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